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I'm Tania Pearce

I’m a librarian, social worker and PhD student.

As a result of my background in information research, I have exceptional research skills. I’m the person others seek out when they need assistance with research projects.

Because of my experience in tutoring, research and teaching university students, I know how to evaluate and write up research material clearly and logically.

This makes me the perfect tutor for you, if you’re a university student struggling with researching and writing.

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Are you a UniPrep, undergraduate or post-graduate university student?

I specialise in tutoring university students who are preparing to study for the first time at university, or who are already enrolled in social work, nursing or allied health courses. I teach them how to research more efficiently and more effectively, as well as how to improve their analytical and writing skills.

So, if you feel that your research skills are a little rusty, or you want to perform better in your essays and assignments, I can help.

Are you an allied health professional?

If you are an allied health professional and you want to improve your research skills, I can assist.

I can teach you how to navigate your way through the various online databases available, identify the material that is most relevant to your research, and then evaluate the material by applying your analytical skills.


Are you a consumer interested in health and medical issues?

If you are interested in health or medical issues and are confused by what you’re finding on the internet, you’re not alone. When Google throws up thousands of search results, it’s hard to distinguish bogus information that’s been put together by ‘snake oil salesmen’ from legitimate scientific research.

If you want to improve your ability to research online, and to assess your search results, give me a call.

How I approach tutoring university students

The problem with studying at university

When you enroll in a social work, nursing or allied health degree, everyone expects you to know already how to research and write essays and complete assignments.

It’s very disheartening, on submitting an essay or assignment, to be told, ‘You haven’t answered the question’, when you thought you had and have no idea where you went wrong.

The reality is that, at the university level, you’re lucky if anyone takes the time to teach you basic research and writing skills relevant to your discipline. This is partly because it is expected that you will have already acquired these skills. And, even if you haven’t, there is an assumption that you will pick them up by osmosis along the way. While universities have many resources and services, these are often generic and lack context. I can provide one on one personalised tutoring services suited to your field of study in health and social work.

How I can help if you’re finding researching and writing a challenge

I believe that any student can learn how to research and write better essays and assignments.

I can provide you with the tools that will enable you to research online databases (such as PubMed, Google Scholar, the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), EBSCO and ProQuest more efficiently and more effectively.

I can also teach you how to collate and analyse the material you locate, to determine its relevance to your research.

Finally, I can give you techniques to ensure that, when writing your paper, you answer the essay or assignment question in front of you.

How my tutoring system works

My approach is flexible, because I’m aware that everyone’s needs are different.

You may only need a 90-minute session with me to learn core skills in how to use scientific databases relating to social work and/or health.

Or you may feel you need assistance not only with your research skills, but also with collating, analysing, structuring and writing.

You may want to organise group tutoring sessions with your friends. Alternatively, you may want to work with me on your own.

Basically, it’s up to you.

For this reason, I offer a free, no-obligation 20-minute consultation where we can discuss the challenges you face and how I may be able to help.

If you’re interested in working with me, I will design a tailor-made tutoring program to suit both your requirements and your budget.

I run most of my tutoring sessions on Skype, which means that I can help you no matter where you are located.

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