Do you need to learn how to structure and write essays and assignments at the university level?

If you are a university student, there are two basic skills that you will need:

  • The ability to structure a piece of writing so that you present a logical and coherent argument
  • The ability to write essays and assignments so that the person marking it can understand what you are saying.

The truth is that a lot of students who enter university have not had the opportunity to develop strong writing skills. This isn’t a reflection on their intelligence. Rather, it usually means they didn’t learn how to structure and write essays when they were at school. Or, if they’re a mature aged student, it may have been some time since they were last required to write a formal academic essay at university level.

Whatever your academic background has been, it’s worth noting that when you graduate as a social worker, a nurse or an allied health professional, you will probably have to write reports. Those reports need to be written in a clear and professional way so that anyone reading them can understand what you are saying.

 Therefore, structuring and writing skills won’t only help you get through university; but are skills you’ll need once you’ve graduated and for the rest of your life.


Why do some university students have trouble with structure?

I believe that a lot of university students don’t consider structure when writing essays and assignments.

If your essay or assignment has a weak structure, it will be difficult for someone else to follow your arguments and train of thought.

A lot of students start writing before they have developed a structure that focuses on answering the question they’ve been asked to examine.

 Quite often, this means that even if the student has terrific ideas and plenty to say, they forget to answer the question and/or fail to develop a coherent argument.


How can I help you structure your essays and assignments?

As well as helping you to develop skills in analysing the material you’ve collected during your research, I can also teach you techniques for analysing the question in front of you and developing a proper structure for answering it.


Why do some university students have trouble with academic writing?

There are four main styles of writing:

  • Expository
  • Descriptive
  • Persuasive

When you write an essay or assignment for university, you need to use an academic style of writing, which is a mixture of expository and persuasive writing.

A lot of students find understanding the basic principles behind this style of writing a challenge.


How can I help you with your academic writing?

As a current PhD student with a passion for researching and writing, I’m very well placed to help you understand the basic requirements of academic writing.

Where I can help is in explaining how to write essays and assignments in the formal academic style (a mixture of the expository and persuasive writing styles) that is expected at university.


Are you unsure about how to footnote or reference your sources?

To avoid charges of plagiarism, you need to use proper academic referencing or footnoting in your essays and assignments.

This can seem a little confusing if you’re not familiar with these concepts.

Once again, this is an area where I can help you understand the basic principles so that you’re able to footnote or reference with confidence.


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