‘Tania has been my rock throughout my studies. Without her support, guidance and advice I doubt that I would be half way through my degree – about to start my first placement.’ A.C. (undergraduate student)

‘Tania makes an impossible task, possible. Her ability to break down complex ideas and separate them into segments that can be understood is unique and valuable. I am very grateful for the support and understanding she has given me.’ N.R. (postgraduate student)

‘Tania and I have worked together in the university space co-facilitating workshops and lectures since 2014. I have been able to refer students to her who have struggled with academic writing, those who need to broaden their search strategy skills and those requiring support in order to progress their degrees. She has a calm, methodical manner. Something we all need in the midst of trying to progress our careers.’ S.W. (PhD)

‘Tania Pearce was an amazing help when one of my students needed help beginning a systematic review when she first started her PhD. Tania was helpful and accessible, willing and able to answer all questions and tailor the approach to my student’s needs. She was calm and professional in the face of my student’s anxiety about starting a review that can be quite daunting. She was able to explain everything clearly and concisely, providing readings and other data to help support her arguments. Tania’s entire approach was invaluable and meant that I could trust her with my student, knowing that the help provided was very much to a PhD and peer-review standard. I am very happy to recommend Tania to other students looking for similar support.’ K.M. (PhD)

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